About us

My name is Andres Covarrubias Soto and in year 2009 I founded Amphitryon. Two main reasons determined this decision:

  • My passion for traveling, meeting new people, places and cultures.
  • My absolute conviction that the final experience of a journey is completely different when you know someone at the destination than when you don’t.

Amphitryon is an agency for receptive tourism in Madrid and other cities in Spain, specialized in organizing temporary stays for individuals or companies.


Amphitryon is formed by a team of professionals who have grown their professional experience in the real state and touristic sectors as well as in the event organization.

Our name, Amphitryon, refers etymologically to the person that welcomes people at home. This is our goal, being hosts in our country and making that people who come and visit us do not have to worry about anything; we will take care of that.

Our main goal is that you, your family or your company may have access to a unique experience. We will strive to achieve everything you ask us and in turn we will advise and guide you throughout your stay.

Benefit from our partnerships with the best suppliers.

Our selection of the best experiences you can live in Spain, together with the best accommodation offer will make your stay even more genuine and comfortable.